Rebecca Hampson - Cognitive Behavioural Therapist CBT & Counsellor MBABCP

Here are some testimonies of some past and present clients that were willing to share their experience.

'Since childhood I had suffered from severe OCD centered around fears of contamination, this was also exacerbated with overall health anxiety. My life was a pattern of rituals and entirely controlled by fear. I saw Rebecca at my lowest ebb.

I found it immensely easy to open up to Rebecca about my fears and troubling thoughts. Rebecca is extremely empathetic with a genuine and compassionate manner, yet her professionalism and skill set was the driving force behind which allowed me to easily accept the program laid out.

Over the months of my program Rebecca armed me with the mindset and tools to gradually tackle the activities I found difficult and with each step a little more progress was made. Eventually I began to recognise the fear and “sneaky” OCD behaviours in my life and was able to proactively resolve them before anxiety could take hold.

I’m typing this now as a person who declared war on OCD and won. I can’t quite put into words how “rebuilt” I feel, but I feel transcended.

If you’re reading this and feel imprisoned by OCD, I urge you to give Rebecca a call, it was a phone call which ultimately changed my life.'


"My life felt like it was in tatters, health anxiety was taking over to the point I no longer enjoyed my families company due to my Pre-occupied mind. I shed so many tears thinking the worst of every ache and pain.

My husband googled and found Rebecca's website and I'm so grateful he did. After just finishing a course of CBT with Rebecca I feel fresher and full of life and ready to start enjoying my life again. I now have the tools I need to maintain this new way of life. I cannot express how grateful I am to this friendly, professional lady" J.W.C - Maidstone


"I have just started therapy with Rebecca and I already feel more in control of things. I have suffered from anxiety for a long time and I began to think it would never go away. Rebecca assured me that  I can take control which automatically made me feel more confident."  D.M - Tonbridge


"My friend recommended CBT. The sessions were quite full on but I think this was a good thing, because I was able to overcome my fear  quickly. I wish I had of done this years ago." J.T - Maidstone


"My life was in a mess; I was totally preoccupied  with keeping my flat safe and spotless. Eventually I could hardly go out or let anyone in. Rebecca was recommended to me by a friend so I plucked up courage and made my first appointment. She put me at ease and totally understood what was happening. It was such a relief. To begin with, treatment wasn't easy and I had to make big changes. I'm so glad I made that first step." A.S. - West Malling